About Me

I’m an architect and a sustainable designer, currently residing in Philadelphia, USA. I’m originally from Pune, India.

Prior to migrating to the USA for my higher studies, I completed two internships and also worked full-time as a Junior Architect and Junior Environmental Analyst in India. I have experience working on residential and commercial projects, from designing stage to final execution, along with green building certification projects. The work experience helped me to develop my interests in environmentally sensitive, energy-efficient building projects and understand integrated design approaches for project delivery.

Additionally, along with my masters, I had been a student volunteer and a guest speaker presenting my academic work at AIA Philadelphia COTE 2030 Working Group in March 2021, focusing on Ladybug tools used for Early Energy Modelling – Building massing, orientation and envelope. I have also been an active student member of Green Building United in Philadelphia, participating in different project charrettes. 

My journey so far has taught me that patience, hard-work, consistency and team-work is a key to success. Currently, I’m open to the full-time work opportunities of designing architecture that improves the lives of individuals and their communities. 

If you know me well, you won’t be surprised to find me sketching anything anywhere in this world!