Adaptive Bus Shelter, East Falls, Philadelphia

Project Year: 2019

Project Type: Adaptive Design Studio, MS Sustainable Design 

The overall objective is to design an outdoor or semi-outdoor space on the Thomas Jefferson University, East Falls campus, at the intersection of Henry Avenue and SchoolHouse Lane. This corner is a high traffic route for pedestrians, who are mostly students and faculty from Jefferson walking to different parts of the campus. 

Design is inspired by surrounding elements to create climate adaptive space suitable at different times of the year. Challenge is to design semi-outdoor space and consider how to alter microclimate to get closer to human thermal comfort. PMV Analysis is done to understand human thermal comfort in different seasons throughout the year. Steps are designed supporting college culture, which are built with concrete embedded with colorful glass chips acting as thermal mass. While, swings and operable windows with perforated sheet, accelerates velocity of summer winds.